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New England Fitness Training and Wellness Consulting

Personal Training: Private & Semi-Private Programs

Freedom Fitness Training NE offers private and semi-private training services in-home, on-site and online to those looking for a convenient, thorough approach to reach their health and fitness goals. Our mission is to be the last solution you’ll ever need to reach your goals by implementing a proven, holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, wellness and most importantly, education. Gain freedom from fancy equipment and gym memberships by learning to train in the safety and convenience of your own home. All while developing healthy nutrition habits and wellness strategies that will last a lifetime. With education implemented into everything we do, you’ll gain the knowledge, independence and self-discipline required to take control of your health and wellness for good. Our In-Home programs are flexible and affordable, starting at just $ 25 per week. learn more

Corporate Wellness Services

Freedom Fitness Training NE offers flexible solutions to meet the health and wellness needs of your organization. We provide on-site education, consulting and fitness training services to equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to become the healthiest, fittest, most productive versions of themselves.  learn more

Student Wellness Programs

Freedom Fitness Training NE works with schools and universities to enhance their wellness strategies and build upon the basics of fitness and nutrition taught in most curricula. We provide on-site education, consulting and fitness training services to your students, sports teams and/or staff.  learn more

Residential Consulting

Looking to get your family on track toward a healthier lifestyle but not sure where to start? Freedom Fitness Training NE offers in-home services to families throughout New England that touch upon goal setting, proper nutrition, home exercise and general wellness. Together, we can tailor a realistic plan that works for you and your loved ones.  learn more
About Freedom Fitness Training NE

Your Modern Fitness and Wellness Solution

In today's challenging climate, the need for safe, flexible and convenient services has never been greater.  The fitness industry is no exception, having been changed forever as more people embrace the concept of at-home workouts or other alternatives outside of a traditional big-box gym setting.

Although the setting of which we exercise may have changed, the need for professional guidance, instruction and education has not. We are the all inclusive solution to bring you or your organization into the new age of fitness. Our expert team provides the mobile and virtual solutions needed to thrive in the comfort of your preferred setting, all while instilling independence and educating our students so they can gain the freedom to workout anywhere, anytime.    

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