About Our Company

Freedom Fitness Training NE

We guide individuals, families, schools, and businesses on their journey to becoming the healthiest, fittest, most productive versions of themselves possible. Through fitness training, nutrition counseling, strategic wellness and education, we strive to provide a thorough, holistic approach to reach your goals. We offer convenient and flexible solutions to best meet the needs of your lifestyle or organization through in-home, on-site and online services. Emphasizing quality, professionalism, safety and convenience. Freedom Fitness Training NE is the modern fitness and wellness solution you’ve been looking for.

What Sets Us Apart

Our focus on education and independence is what sets us apart from the rest of the fitness industry. In an effort to hold onto customers or clients for as long as possible, many companies and coaches intentionally create customer dependence through a lack of educational reinforcement or progressive self- discipline strategies. While others focus on telling you how to do it, we strive to educate by teaching you how and why to do it, ensuring you understand the process every step of the way. Here at Freedom Fitness Training NE, we feel that everyone should eventually be able to take charge and become independent, no longer needing constant guidance or accountability from a professional. Our emphasis on education and independence is why we refer to our customers as “students” instead of “clients”. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry and what allows us to be the last solution you’ll ever need to not only reach your goal, but keep moving forward.

Owner - Director of Fitness

Meet Bryan Dearnley

My fitness journey started in 2010, following a yearly check-up that concluded I was pre-diabetic at the age of 17. My nutrition and activity levels were poor and on top of all that, I was also diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea, causing my metabolism and energy levels to be extremely low. I decided it was time for a change right there in the doctor’s office and  drove myself down to the local gym for my first membership. With a meal plan and membership in hand,  I got to work that same day and quickly noticed changes in my body after only a few weeks. By my next doctor’s visit, I was no longer pre-diabetic. I was 30 lbs lighter and  had a newfound passion for health and fitness. I eventually got my sleep apnea under control and enjoyed the benefits of increased energy and a faster metabolism.  

As time went by, my results became stagnant. I realized that hard work alone doesn’t cut it and my 3 hour long workouts were getting me nowhere. I knew that without understanding the science and proper applications of fitness, nutrition and wellness, I could never be the best version of myself possible and most of my efforts would be wasted. After dedicating  time to learning more about the science and research side of the industry, I quickly began to see the results I was working so hard for after learning to work smarter.  

bryan dearnley

Eventually I started becoming the go-to for friends and family looking for fitness tips or nutrition advice. I enjoyed helping people any chance I got and decided that becoming a personal trainer was the logical career path for me. After researching my education options, I knew I wanted to attend an actual school for PT opposed to the traditional route of reading a book and passing an online exam. During my education at the National Personal Training Institute, I actively sought out multiple internships and work opportunities to add real-world experience to my education. I graduated NPTI in 2014 ready to hit the ground running, quickly rising through the ranks of the fitness industry. I’ve held positions as a  Personal Trainer, Director of Fitness, and General Manager before moving on to run multiple clubs.

I’ve had the pleasure of  training hundreds of people and have consulted with thousands more. As rewarding as the field may be, I started to realize that clients were nothing more than a source of revenue to upper management, regardless of which gym I worked for. The higher-ups only cared about new sales, not about the results our clients were getting or how qualified our team was. Although sales were always above average in my clubs, any time spent following up with current clients or training your staff to become better were discouraged since it took time away from signing up more new clients.

Despite my best efforts, I saw countless trainers and clients fall victim to the lack of standards and resources accepted as the norm by the industry. Trainers would come and go and clients didn’t get the experience they were paying for. This bothered me through my career and eventually I decided enough was enough. If i was to remain in the industry things had to be done the right way! I moved on from big gyms and founded Freedom Fitness Training NE, striving to provide our customers with the thorough, quality experience they deserve. I am excited to show you the FFT difference and what makes us truly unique from the rest!

Bryan Dearnley
Owner – Director of Fitness