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Freedom Fitness Training NE offers private and semi-private training services in-home, on-site and online to those looking for a convenient, thorough approach to reach their health and fitness goals. Our mission is to be the last solution you’ll ever need to reach your goals by implementing a proven, holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, wellness and most importantly, education.


At Freedom Fitness Training NE, we believe teaching you to do something is better than telling you to do something. This is why we refer to our customers as students instead of clients. We implement education into every aspect of our program so you can become an expert yourself while getting in the best shape of your life. We achieve this through a written curriculum and informative content to ensure you are retaining and understanding what you learn from us. We want our students to know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how it all applies to their specific goal. The whole purpose of FFT is to instill independence in our students so they can eventually move on from our program and continue to be the fittest, healthiest versions of themselves possible. If you can’t confidently continue your journey without us one day then we haven’t done our job right!
We bring fitness to you.


FFT brings fitness to you in the comfort of your own home, office or other preferred setting of your choosing. We pride ourselves on taking a minimalistic approach to fitness. Unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder or powerlifter, all you need to get in the best shape of your life is your own bodyweight, resistance bands and some dumbbells. We provide all the necessary equipment and can implement any existing equipment you may have!

In addition to following all recommended CDC COVID-19 guidelines, all equipment is thoroughly cleaned with professional sanitizing equipment after each session to ensure the safety of our students.

We understand that working with a trainer every time you exercise is not only unrealistic for most, but unnecessary. To make our programs as accessible as possible, FFT prescribes each student “homework” in between sessions so you can build independence from the start and workout on your own with confidence. All students are provided with a virtual exercise library for quick visual reference and have unlimited access to support from FFT between sessions to ensure there is never any guess work in your program. After all, people can always guess and do it the wrong way for free!


Regardless of your goal, it all starts with proper nutrition. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, add muscle or increase performance, it’s essential to have a healthy relationship with food and to truly understand the basics. We have partnered with the industry's leading nutrition authority, dotFIT to offer nothing but the best tools, expertise and products to our students. We also have a local network of Registered Dietitians ready to help you if necessary. We will teach you to master nutrition over time without the need for cleanses, detoxes, excess calorie deprivation, or other fad diets that never work long term! You want your results to last a lifetime, the methods that got you to your goal need to be sustainable to maintain that goal and new goals to come.


Although proper nutrition and structured exercise is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, it’s the little things you might not always think about that can really impact your results. Your quality of sleep, level of stress and overall activity level are some of the things we focus on at FFT. Working out 3-4 hours a week is great but it's the other 165 hours of the week where real progress is made!

Getting Started

If you’re ready for change and would like to learn more, the first step is to schedule your initial phone consultation. After learning more about you and your goals, we will recommend a program that fits your needs, schedule and budget. Our first meeting with a potential student is typically held at a local grocery store. This allows you to meet and get comfortable with your coach in a public setting while learning the essentials of nutrition. From there, we can schedule your first in-home session if you feel we are a good fit!
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